Chloe Huckins, Production Assistant

What was your position for this film and what all did it entail?

I was the one and only production assistant, moonlighting as a boom operator, grip, camera assistant, location manager, background actor and talent whisperer.

What attracted you to this particular project?

Money in January.

What got you interested in filmmaking?

I got addicted to theater in high school, and being on a film set reflected everything I’d loved about the stage: working long hours with a small team under insanely variable and challenging conditions to make creative people happy.

What did you look forward to most when filming began?

The sex scenes. I’m kidding, it was the catering. I’m kidding we didn’t have catering—I looked forward to whatever wrench was going to get thrown in our wheels next. Because I got to wear so many hats, I also got to solve a lot of unique problems that I otherwise wouldn’t have been in charge of as a PA… like how to black out a bathroom window with a blanket and a garden hose.

How would you say the specifics of this project changed your approach to your job?

This project was unique in that we had a very small crew, only four or five of us. It made me realize that you don’t need all the fancy bells and whistles if you simply want to make something—so there’s pretty much no excuse in putting off personal projects.

What is the most important thing you would want an audience member to take away after watching Escaping Freedom?

I hope that every person who watches Escaping Freedom feels the raw power that every single actor was pretty much sweating on this movie. I was incredibly impressed by the performances throughout filming, and I hope that energy comes through on screen the way I felt it in person.

What was the most challenging aspect of working on this film for you?

Psychologically preparing another crew member to purchase and eventually return a live bird at PetSmart.

Who are some artists (any field) whose work inspires you?

Guy Ritchie, before he made King Arthur.

Katherine Bigelow, for pretty much refusing to be ignored as a "female director."

Roy Lichtenstein’s art.

Davey Crockett, king of the wild frontier.

What’s one memory from this project that you will never forget?

Pulling up to the house with dinner and realizing that everyone in the living room was naked.


Oh Chloe... just when I found you, I lost you. I know you are down there taking L.A. by storm. Thank you for constantly being a bright light of energy, humor and camaraderie. You are a powerhouse of energy, taking on all tasks with exuberance and focus. I truly don't think there is anything you can't do. All the love.... - Patrick

Wait... You moved to LA?! Ahh!! Thank you, Chloe, for being a rockstar on set. You were always on the lookout for how you could help next. I can’t tell you how much seeing that encouraged me. The laughs you brought the team were the perfect antidote to the heavy content we were capturing. A year later and your doodles on the slate still make chuckle. I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds for you, my friend. Now go kick ass! - Edd