Laura Welsh, “Katie”

Tell us about the character you play in Escaping Freedom (no spoilers!).

I play Kate. She attends Vincent's church and maybe has an interest in him as a potential suitor

What attracted you to this role and/or film?

Overall I think the story is very beautifully told, and that was a selling point for me. As for the role, I just saw a genuine, kind heart in Kate and I really liked that about the character

Without giving away plot points, what do you see as your character’s longings and desires in life? How do they go about reaching them?

Kate really wants happiness for her and her daughter. I think she knows in the end, things will work out and she can always make the best out of what she's been given. She will continue to put herself out there to make her dreams come true.

If you don’t mind sharing, what are some ways that you felt you were very different from or similar to your character?

I am not involved in a church the way Kate is, so that was different for me. But like I mentioned, I think Kate genuinely cares about others and I definitely connect with that.

What got you interested in acting?

I really enjoy stepping into someone else's shoes and taking on their perspective. Or finding similarities between you and a character that were hard to see at first. Of course, making someone feel with your performance is always powerful, and I really love when I get to make people laugh as well.

What did you look forward to most when filming began?

I was excited to work with the other cast members and the crew! I've seen the work that the other actors have done and it's nothing short of impressive. I felt everyone on this project was passionate and set on making this film the best it could be. And it's inspiring to be around people like that.

When approaching a role of this nature, what type of preparation do you do?

For me, it's a lot of visualization and thinking about their backstory. I try to picture what they're like has been like. What are some of the defining moments in their life that brought them to this point? I spend time trying to feel what they would feel.

What is the most important thing you would want an audience member to take away after watching Escaping Freedom?

I think I would like them to take away that there are always new roads to take. You don't have to put yourself in a box and stay put if you aren't finding happiness. It may not always align with what other people wanted for you, but you're the only one living your life and you deserve happiness.

What was the most challenging aspect of working on this film for you?

I'd say the biggest challenge was that we were having too much fun on set and kept laughing!

Being an actor, what do you see as your role in the filmmaking process?

I see it as a collaborative effort. Not that I want to take over or change the story, but part of my job is to bring the writer's vision to life, and I don't take that lightly. So I want to really understand what the vision is and make sure I am doing it justice.

Who are some artists (any field) whose work inspires you?

Acting wise, there are several, but one is definitely Daniel Day Lewis. His commitment is just astounding. One person outside of the film world would be Jane Goodall. She has dedicated her life to her work and to this day, she is out there spreading her message about conservation.

What’s one memory from this project that you will never forget?

There are several, but I have to bring up the spaghetti I was cooking in one scene. It just sat there in water for hours, it was basically a giant, congealed mess at the end. I think at that point it was also very late so we all found it very comical at the time!